May. 13th, 2003

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i accidentally woke up late this morning and decided it would be best to skip my calc final. i'm not doing well at all and am convinced that i won't be able to understand a whole semester's worth of information within two days. i feel guilty and elated at the same time since i'm officially on vacation now. i really don't want to travel back and forth the next three weeks between mcallen, houston, and austin but what can i do? my parents want me to come down so we can look for a house, but if i stay long, i won't have anything to do but sit in barnes and nobles - normally a favorite pasttime of mine. i need to find some french work books :I.

my french prof emailed me, looks like i'll be buying another booklet from ut copy center again. when will we have actual text books?? oh and my prof's stephanie from the francais interactif videos. we (brit, han, and i) saw her last semester and we were like 'oooohhhh' just as she was walking to the bathroom, hehe. jenny pointed her out to us. it was just like seeing a movie star. we had some good times back then.

i wonder how han's getting along in france. i wish she'd call so i know everything's ok. she called brandon and he was like, she didn't sound excited at all, i half expected her to say pick me up at school. mark was surprised that i wasn't traveling to somewhere exotic this summer and i was like, me too.
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decide to do laundry. call linh. urban outfitters. clean la salle de bains. pack. call grandmama. spray paint crates and lamp.

wednesday's the day i guess.
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ah ha! ab fab's here!


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