May. 3rd, 2003

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i really hate the new spin city with charlie sheen, he doesn't have half the talent as michael j. fox.

well, today went well. audrey came to class today, she was soo cute. elle est très mignonne! she has grown so much since we saw her in that french video. i think she's about four or five years old now and she looks just like her mom with petite muscular arms. she brought a little stuffed cat to class and her mom asked her to tell us what was it's name, how old it was and if it was blank. 'acteur, cinq ans, et blanche.' we were all in love with her. wish i had a kid sister or a kid of my own, one with uncontrollably curly hair and big brown eyes just like audrey's. but i doubt that'll ever happen unless i marry an caucasian man with those characteristics cause all she'd inherite from me are chinky almond shaped eyes and straight dark brown hair with white streaks. poor kid. she's going to learn french, mandarin, english, and my dialect. well, first i've got to get those down first, i suppose.

i skipped calculus to study for my chem exam, i met up with julie to get help and took the exam at 2. i must say, i kicked butt. scored a 90! whoo! (when i was actually prepared to get a c) hm, nothing much happened afterwards. i went to the art hist review, came home, took benedryl and zonked out on the couch for 4 hours afterwards. i woke up at 9:30 just as my mom called. our relationship has gotten so much better since i've moved to austin. she understands my point of view about my calc class and why i'm deciding to take it again. i hate that fact that i am taking it again but oh well. maybe subconciously i don't want to stop because i've been taking math courses as long as i can remember. ah well. i won't be taking that crap for another 2 or so years cause i really can't take it anymore - there is a reason why i'm not an engineer, physics, or math major, ya know. everything is great between my mom and i.

whoohoo, no more classes for this semester!

i need to buy myself a printer. it's getting seriously expensive printing stuff at school.

cleaning the apt this weekend.
je vais etudier l'histoire d'art et la chimie (need to set up a study schedule that i'll probably never follow but eh).
gotta call mark.

think i'll watch amelie til i fall asleep. à demain.


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