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i'm up late again, only tonight i'm up because my hair is still wet from my late night shower. i've been meaning to update but i've been busy driving the last five weeks to houston and just this last weekend to mcallen. so little has been going on in my life lately. my chem lab course is coming to an end (which i'm so ecstatic about). there hasn't been a day that has gone by that i haven't let out a groan and expletives just thinking about the weekly lab reports i have to write up. most of the labs have been disasterous with the exception of our very last lab which i worked on with cherilyn and sara. i've made a few friends in the class - keeping them as long term friends doesn't seem like it's going to happen but at least we had some good times laughing at our mistakes and talking about our prof (who might be russian and not scandinavian like i first thought). we don't see or talk to her that often but she is a kind person if you look past the blank stares and cold demeanor. she scared the crap out of me one time when she popped right over my shoulder asking my group if we had figured out the reaction mechanism. this turned into a large class lecture and grill session. i wonder if she's teaching other courses, she absolutely cracks me up.

more tomorrow.
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