Jul. 4th, 2003

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this weekend should be fun and relaxing. tomorrow (um, later this morning) i'll start driving to houston where i'll meet up with my parents - who are on their way from mcallen, gran and cousins for dim sum and tea. afterwards, we're buying me a car. i'm getting a black honda civic, but i wish i were getting a vw jetta instead. in the long run, i think the civic will be better for me, they seem more reliable. heh, i feel like an aZn stereotype. if all goes well and i don't have any accidents, i'm going to go swimming for the first time in almost a year. in the evening, we'll pop some firecrackers in the boonies somewhere because it's illegal to do so in our area. well, they can do that...i'll just play with the sparklers and take pictures.

saturday will probably be spent with my parents and uncle chen's family eating dim sum in the morning and watching 28 days later and legally blonde two with linh and cza in the afternoon. yay.

well, i'm off to go take a shower. it's been a long day despite the fact that i only went to linguistics in the morning, napped, did laundry, and watched 'the love letter' for the rest of the day. that was one adorable movie.


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