Jul. 1st, 2003

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well, i was wrong to have damned the fifth harry potter book in one of my previous entries. i've been sitting up since 2 am reading and i've finished it, finally. i don't know what to say other than that i absolutely loved it, it's perhaps the best book out of the whole series but honestly, i don't remember all of the other novels so i'll probably go back and reread them again. it was so worth the drive to houston. the sorcerer's stone has been playing in the background for quite sometime now. i've been keeping it on cause i need the company and i haven't bothered to put in another dvd.

on another note, my toe has finally healed. since my little accident last weekend - when i went to houston just to swim, only to have my toe scraped (and my nail broken off) right after i got to the pool and remembered that i had left my goggles at home - i've had to soak my foot in epsom salt solution everyday as instructed by terrie's anorexic nurse friend. my foot looked absolutely horrible when it got scraped up, i was kinda proud of it in a way, though i don't know why. it's probably because i knew i had been stupid to wear flip flops while riding my little cousin's bike. i don't seem to feel bad about making mistakes in front of my family anymore - i don't know if this is a good or bad thing. aunt dripped some green solution under my nail to stop the blood from gushing out even more while i sat mesmerized by the massive amounts of blood. i haven't seen this much blood in real life since i witnessed my cousin's birth a couple of years ago.

i've lost interest or maybe energy to type more so this is the basic run down of what happened the last two weekends before i forget (which is really the main reason why i want to keep a journal - so i don't forget): 062122 rollerbladed (terrifying!) with terrie and geri, got toe scraped up - watched the english patient, finally watching it's entirety. 062829 didn't go to the concert with mark, instead, watched charlie's angels: full throttle with thao, spent saturday with linh watching cha:ft again, went shopping at west oaks. sunday: took gran to wellfarm's, linda and tri to first colony, bought zelda, and waited for gran's gahli hungrily. all a bunch of rubbish i know, but it is after all, 5:40 in the morning and i haven't slept all night.

must finish hw and go to class in two hours... and then take a five hour nap...
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the bags under my eyes feel heavy and my eyes want to roll back into my head.


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