Jun. 26th, 2003

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there's nothing like sitting down with a good book and listening to night traffic.

crystal and adam have finally arrived, they were dining with my parents at the restaurant when i called. i'm eager to hear about their plans to stay here since they've been hastily pushed out of hong kong by their parents because of sars. 'sudden asian racism syndrome.' shouldn't the parents come too? they are more at risk than their children? to think they've left their little jazz honda (with the driver's seat on the right side, how cool is that?) and their apartment building/shopping mall, it's so saddening.

mom's still angry at me, or really, hurt. ever since i told her of my plan to work for the world health organization and move to france (do they have a headquarters there?) she's been refusing to talk to me. 'i don't call you because i have nothing to say.' ok, lady-who-calls-me-just-because-she's-bored. i've become to depend on her calls at night lately and when she doesn't, i automatically go into worried daughter mode. i don't know why i think i can help them or keep them out of harms way, they aren't senile or anything. oh well, c'est la vie. she'll start talking to me again. she already knows my plans, why was she so shocked by them last night? i guess i'll wait until my junior year to go to lyon. it'll give me time to get rid of my american accent.

i think terrie is going to stand me up again, we have plans to go bike shopping on friday. she's going make plans with stephen but he's going to break her heart again by not showing up or not calling days afterwards. i don't like this guy, he's insensitive and too indecisive when it comes to their relationship. if she stands me up for this sad excuse for a man, i'm going to the concert with mark. i've been dying to do something else other than studying or lounging around the apartment. i'm getting so fed up with my summer courses - today's a perfect example. saturday's reserved for 'charlie's angels: full throtle' and '28 days later.' sunday's reserved for hp.

joe: our instructor is so funny, he'll be giving us a briefing and all of a sudden a random slide of a bunny will pop up and he'll scream "BAMMM! that's you're number one emeny, KILL THEM ALL!"

poor bunnies...


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