Jun. 25th, 2003

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i've had such a horrible day. lab was a fucking joke. i ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get my lab done which was supposed to be easy, but after rinsing a pipette everything was shot to hell. i forgot to add phenothapwhateverthecrapitscalled into my solutions after breaking the pipette (the damn thing slipped out of the device that was supposed to be holding it) and using up all my unknown solution. i managed to finish the damn lab, thank god my ta's a sweetheart. thank god cherilyn was there to help me keep calm. matt waited for me to finish and told me i could turn in my lab late without taking points off. i will never make another comment about his intelligence again, after all, he was the one who pointed out that i probably didn't add phenosafjasldfjlsa to the solutions. so after lab, i walked all the way to the bus stop and waited for 30 @#$%^& minutes for the fa bus to come while standing in the shadow of a lamp post. don't they know it's about 102 degrees outside and there isn't any shade?! yeah, the lampost doesn't offer much of any. i gave up and walked to the rr stop but it didn't come either so i started running down to the law school for the fa bus to pick me up (it had the gall to come!). the bus driver saw me running and stopped for me. i forgive him but i still hate that bus stop. i hate the weather. I HATE TEXAS. i hate coming home and peeling off my clothes because they're completely drenched in sweat.

i thought i was so on top of things. i knew one day all this would catch up to me. !@#$%^&*. damn it.


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