Jun. 8th, 2003

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holden & emma.
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i thought i was going crazy. i kept seeing things moving out of the corner of my, and when i turn to look, nothing's there. i finally saw it: a full grown lizard (though i don't really know to what size they grow up to). so i spent fifteen minutes crouching on my computer chair holding a plastic bag waiting for it to have it's back turned to me.

now if i could just put as much effort in reading my linguistics book... gah.
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'cat's don't meow in all languages.'

cracking me up. in FR 506, we would ask really random stuff in class. one day, somehow we got into a conversation about what kinds of sounds french animals made and jenny would make the sounds for us (apparently she had a french children's animal book when she was little) and someone from the back - one of the boys who was told by her to not come to class anymore because he was completely failing the first 3 weeks and tardy everyday - asked her to sing old mcdonald had a farm. she was like like, 'yeah... you do that for us.' what happened to those days when you could make mistakes in class and not feel stupid? all of my french classes are so serious now, i feel ill everytime i go to class.


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