May. 6th, 2003

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holy-shmoley, i know what to get cza now for her birthday: a free plane ticket. for as long as i can remember she hasn't been out of texas, well, cept for that trip to miss. with ray but that doesn't really count. both her brothers and sister have been out of the state but she hasn't. the idea came out of nowhere. we were complaining about how the summer's gonna suck for her because her mom's way too tired to take her to school and i suggested that she should go ahead and take the summer off but she wouldn't have it. so i told her i would buy her a ticket and we'll go somewhere before the fall semester starts. i'll have to work my ass off during the summer but oh well, whatever makes her happy and in return it'll make me really happy. this only begins to make up for all those birthdays i've missed (for one reason or another) and all those times i didn't get her anything. i can't believe i came up with it just like that (hah, thanks to mike, ironically). now all that's left is where to go and will her mom let her go. :I

went to chem review today again.
smoke's being blown up here from the mexican agricultural fires, this explains why my allergies have been acting up and why i haven't been able to breath for 3 fu...bloody days.
went to eckerds to buy claritin but the whole allergy section was cleared out, guess everyone's going crazy like me.
everytime i'm outside i feel like i'm walking around in a sponge.
studying like a mad woman tomorrow.
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it's finally raining! yay! i've got to seriously make plans to move up north or to europe because i can't keep praying for rain.

so... i'm leaving for campus now... :I


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