May. 5th, 2003

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well, i did it: i bought the ab fab dvd set. i gave into my need and now i'm justifying it by telling myself that it's an early birthday gift. i don't feel horribly guilty about buying it but i do feel a tad cheated because there was another set on ebay that was much cheaper than the one i hastily bidded on. i do have the knack for that, as my mom would have said. i'm also buying some nigella bites cook books soon because i also have some weird need to cook. not that i usually cook or anything but i'm trying to bring some variety and healthiness (a word, no?) to my diet. one cannot live on burritos, haagen-daz bars, honey bunches of oats cereal, and totino's pizza without getting bored. and when i get bored, i don't eat as often as i should. lately, i've been surviving on one meal a day, which i know is bad and blah blah but i can't help it. it's probably also due to calculus. oh how i hate thee.

today was just like any other day. i woke up at 12, showered, had myself a burrito, watched volcano, dashed off to my chem review (late, as usual), and watched alias and stargate sg1. alias left me stuttering and speechless. i'm still in shock. it was so good, yet horrible at the same time. i remember that same storyline somewhere but i can't remember where. it was probably in a book or a story that i've read before.

two things really made my day: a. chau calling me and 2. jennifer saunder's interview with jon stewart. chau and i don't talk much (cause she's a third yr at a&m and is busy as all get out) but when we do, we chat for at least an hour. we talked about everything and anything, how i was doing at school, why i don't hang out with the friends i knew from high school, why i don't have that many friends period, how she's doing at school, finals, and etc. in the end we decided that we'll probably go to california or nyc at the end of august, which makes me really happy. i've been feeling depressed lately because i won't be traveling for the summer - well, besides to houston and mcallen, especially with hannah to lyon (+paris, madrid, possibly venice). every year, as far as i can remember, i've always traveled during the summer (bandera - middle of nowhere texas, nyc, ohio, california, london, paris, rome...). wait maybe those weren't all during the summer. well, the point is that i've never really stayed put for more than three months. i'm glad that chau might be traveling with me, i hate traveling alone.

everyone should go watch that interview with jennifer saunders at it's a riot.

being a loner and a hermit sucks. gotta remedy that soon.
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i can't wait for my dvds!


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