May. 4th, 2003

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hah, so much for being productive. i spent today just sleeping (took a damn four hour nap after taking some benadryl), washing the last of the dishes (which took me 3 days to finish cause my sink is too small and i only have a small dish rack to dry them on), and play around on the net. i'm thinking about buying ab fab's complete three season and fourth season set but i feel extremely guilty. i don't make any money yet and i'm low on finaid so i really shouldn't be buying anything but groceries. BUT i get so bored on weekends. it seems like i can't get anything done if i don't have the tellie on and it's such a horrible thing to be dependant on but oh well.

i need to start reading again. i'm looking for book recs...

i'll hopefully start studying tomorrow, in fact, i really need to start studying cause my first two finals are on wednesday. julie's review is tomorrow so maybe that'll get me into the studying mood.

over and out.

oh and 200 imaginary brownie points go to e for scanning, sending, cropping(?), and sending, again, the image that is now my background. i love it so much. c'est hyper chouette. hehe, i like using random phrases that my last french prof (jenny - who's not really a prof but a grad student) taught us. now i gotta find out what all the french animal noises are and sing old mcdonald with 'em.
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i thought it was raining but it turned out to be the sprinklers.
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thanks to linh for this.
i love this email: Subject: Did you know? )


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