Mar. 1st, 2003

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well, another day's been wasted. i woke up today at 10 with a horrible headache and went back to sleep til 4, only to wake up again with a headache again. i must've had about 5 seperate dreams today all during a span of 14 hrs. the night before, i went to a hilarious production of 'le bourgeois gentilhomme' by the ut french dept. i've been working on the play (as a stage hand) for the last two weeks. i felt so proud as i sat in the crowd and listened to people's reactions to the actors and actresses actions. while i was working with them, i wished i had a bigger part in the play cause it looks like they had so much fun.. but alas, i'm still too shy and i happen to say and do the strangest things around people i don't know. :I

anyways... after the play, i came home and did some chem work that i didn't understand at all and cleaned the apt a little. i came across a stack of baby pictures of me and pics of my parents when they were in their 20s. i was such an interesting looking baby, hehe. after hours of looking through them and sorting them out, i finally took a nice long hot shower and fell into bed dead asleep. kind've an anti-climatic ending to a horrible day (i had 2 exams that i may have possibly failed and one quiz that was thankfully postponed).

as for today.. i don't know where the time went but i've mostly just chatted with friends and watched pride and prejudice. twice. how sad.


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